Whilst I thought I’ll take a day off today, I didn’t.
I ended up working even more instead :|

After reading my book for a while, I focused on learning more of basic stuff in Ruby, like more about classes, my certain things behave differently, and so on..

In the afternoon, I had a call with Dana. It went amazing!
We did a pairing session and wrote some code – I learned a great deal of things from her, which I could’ve never learned, I think.
Perhaps that’s why you should pair program sometimes :)

Things that I learned (this is a note to self):
(I don’t expect other people to get this part of the log)

Another note to self: pair-program more.

Later today, I did some experimentation with Rubocop and stumbled upon this cops issue: rubocop#8091.

I wish this all gets over really soon. World has become a crazy place.

Anyway, later in the night, with my FTP trainee hat on, I did some reviewing of the NEW queue.

And finally uploaded cups to jessie-security – thanks to Antonio \o/
However interestingly, this fix (adding $hostname) needs to be done by a lottt of people.
It, indeed, is a problem with the way chroots are created.

:wq for today.