I was aware that today was the meeting day and so in the morning I worked on the Packaging extension very hard to get something ready for the call.

I think, I worked for around 9 hours (from 10 AM to 7 PM) to get rubocop-packaging ready! :D
And just minutes before the call, I pushed the working implementation of the gem to correctly determine the git call in the gemspec file.

And finally during the meeting, I introduced this and I hope David and Antonio were (more or less) happy with the work :)

As usual, here’s the meeting snapshot \o/

meeting snapshot

We discussed a bunch of things that I had doubts in and we even did a quick pair-programming session too – my favorite part! 💖

It was also discussed that I should take breaks and I’ll probably do less of this stuff and focus more on other things as well.
I’ve been meaning to learn Rails, so maybe that. And also AWS and Distributed Systems. So I think it’s time I do that too \o/

:wq for today.