I started my day with opening PR #3749 for Bundler, fixing the remaining RuboCop offenses.

These offenses appear when you create a gem with bundle gem foo and run rubocop over it.
Initially, there were around 45 offenses detected, but with #3731 and this, the number of offenses have been reduced to 0.

Intially, I was hoping for it to be a no-brainer and a quick thing to get started with, it turned out pretty much the opposite. I spent all my day hacking on the PR and implementing the suggestions, as they were getting raised.

Most of my time went on this WIP commit, which adds a test to run rubocop on the generated (skeleton) gem.

Day ended with no luck on getting this done so we left it for others to chip in more opinions.

And finally, I sponsored ~6 uploads, 4 for William and 2 more Nilesh.

:wq for today.