Earlier today, I did some Debian stuff. Some remaining things that I needed to take care of:

So we had an interesting meeting today!
The only thing I regret is that I forgot to take the meeting snapshot!! :/

Anyway, I briefly summed up the task that I did in the last week. And then asked for help for the 2nd cop that I not being able to fix :/

But very nicely, they agreed to take a look and pair-programmed for a while.
I kinda sucked at it (:|) but they so nicely helped and walked me through each step, that’s why they’re the best! 😭

We kinda made the first part of the 2nd cop work and there’s very little left in it to complete. That’s my “homework” now! I hope I do it by next week :x

And we also decided to split this cop into two, one with relative calls and the other with require_relative ones!

I hope that goes well now! 🙈

:wq for today.