Today was the meeting day. So earlier today, I finished the implementaion of get_root and pushed the commits, here: https://github.com/utkarsh2102/get_root.

get_root gets the root directory of your git repository.
Usage is simple, just call: GetRoot.path :)

The only thing that one needs to take care while using get_root is that it has to be a git repository. That’s a…trade-off.

However, in the meeting, we discussed that this is a bit of an overkill. get_root should’ve been written as a helper function and not as another library, which David and Antonio pointed out correctly. But it was already too late :P
I had already made a v 0.1.0 release.

Besides, Antonio also pointed out that it should take another arguement as to from point from where the file is being inspected.
Hm, unsure how to do that..

Anyway, here’s the meeting snapshot as usual:
meeting snapshot

We discussed a few more things but that was mostly it :)

:wq for today.