Coming back towards the very project this little journal is intended to describe, rubocop-packaging.
So meanwhile, I exported get_root as a helper function, David solved all the problem altogether at once via rubocop’s PR #8314.
This introduced a new (public) method #project_root which superseeded get_root and one could now get the root directory via RuboCop::ConfigLoader.project_root. Ain’t he amazing!? \o/

This also means, I reverted those changes altogether and tweaked my WIP PR to inculcate these changes via commit @b06a8f86.
However, the specs fail. But that doesn’t mean that the changes aren’t correct :P

Anyway, I left it for now for David’s and Antonio’s opinion and started working on my blog post for tomorrow.

And also, opened issues for aruba and cucumber-rails to drop git in gemspec.

I also started using nheko, a nice, light-weight client for IRC/Matrix.
And stumbled upon an issue, opened as #238.

And finally,

:wq for today.