So, I have to complete my CSE401: Artificial Intelligence lab assignment, which is…huge!

The task is to write the solution of the entire problem set on the professor’s slides of “Overview Of Python”.

Hm, so I worked on some of these problems today and then I coverted the .ipynb to .tex and started to learn how to write LaTeX and it was fun!

Of course, Google yet again proved to be my best friend in this journey.

So after working on it for some hours, I came back to the implementation of the 2nd cop. I pushed the fix that Antonio helped me with yesterday, but strangely enough, the specs are failing!!! :/

Well, I am in midst of figuring out what went wrong as it doesn’t seem to be working with RuboCop > v0.86.x, which is where some new API was introduced.

Well, let’s see how far I go..

:wq for today.